Our New House

  • Plant Haven Renovation Progress: Part 1

    Plant Haven Renovation Progress: Part 1

    Follow our journey as we transform our three-season room into a beautiful plant haven. Discover how we tackle challenges like mildew, water damage, and flooring fixes to create a cozy, inviting space. Read more

  • Basement Makeover Journey: Part 3 – Bathroom

    Basement Makeover Journey: Part 3 – Bathroom

    The journey of our basement makeover took an unexpected turn when we reached the bathroom. Despite its small size, we assumed the project would be quick and easy. How wrong we were! The bathroom originally had paneling on the lower half of the walls. The prior owners cut a hole into the paneling to accommodate… Read more

  • Basement Makeover Journey: Part 2 – Bedroom, Closet, and Bar

    In our recent updates, you’ve been joining us on our basement makeover journey. We completed the living room floors, but there’s still work left in the rest of the basement, beginning with the guest room. The newer carpet in this area had poor installation, causing it to pull up around the door and baseboard heater.… Read more

  • Basement Makeover Journey: Part 1 – Living Room

    Our basement makeover journey began with a major point of contention: carpeting. Its tendency to trap allergens, pet fur, and lingering odors has always been a concern for us. Initially, the basement appeared clean and fresh when we first arrived, but with the rise in humidity last summer, the remnants of the previous owners’ pets… Read more

  • Exploring Modern Retro Transformation in Home Design

    In our recent Modern Retro Transformation project, we embarked on a journey by removing vinyl plank flooring that covered our original hardwood floors. As we revealed the floors, their beauty shone through, though they needed a makeover. Sanding and staining darkened the originally charming maple wood, resulting in an uneven texture and inconsistent color. Refinishing… Read more

  • Hardwood Floor Revelation: From Vinyl to Vintage Charm

    When we first stepped into our new home, we expected to see hardwood flooring. That was mostly due to the age of the house. We were surprised to see vinyl floors when we walked in. Despite the explanation that the original wood was beyond repair, our curiosity lingered. I have wanted to see what the… Read more