Our New House

2 mins read
  • The Magic of Festive Christmas Decorations

    The holiday season holds a special place in the hearts of many families, and ours is certainly no exception. Many of our best memories have happened around this time of year, especially as we celebrate with Festive Christmas Decorations. We went on a memorable trip to Mexico to celebrate Chuck’s 50th birthday just before Christmas,… Read more

  • Colorful Kitchen and Dining Room Transformation

    The holiday season inspired a home makeover, featuring vibrant colors, refinishing projects, and harmonized kitchen and dining room spaces. Read more

  • Table Triumph: Refinishing for a Stunning Dining Space

    As autumn embraces us and the festive season beckons, we embarked on a long-anticipated project we’ve been procrastinating: giving our dining room table a fresh lease on life. While it might sound like a considerable undertaking, we managed to complete it over the course of a few weeks, just in time for the upcoming holiday… Read more

  • Sipping in Style: Basement Makeover into a Home Bar

    Hosting a gathering is something we all enjoy, but the challenge often lies in creating the right space for it. In our previous home, we had a fantastic basement bar with a striking blue stone top. However, our current home lacks the space for such a setup. So, we decided to get creative and transform… Read more

  • Reviving Our Home’s Charm: Unveiling the Hidden Beauty of our Front Door

    So I know that we haven’t posted a project in a couple of weeks but we have been very busy with a couple of projects that we are so excited to share with you all. So the first is one that I had been wanting to start from the moment we looked at the house.… Read more

  • Unveiling Our Ongoing Deck Transformation: Expansion and Creative Pergola Design (Part 2)

    In our previous blog post, we laid the foundation for our deck, and now it’s time to add the finishing touch with a stylish railing. There’s a plethora of railing options out there, so to help you choose the perfect one, we’ve compiled a list of key features to consider. Our deck is elevated, and… Read more