Basement Makeover Journey: Part 2 – Bedroom, Closet, and Bar

In our recent updates, you’ve been joining us on our basement makeover journey. We completed the living room floors, but there’s still work left in the rest of the basement, beginning with the guest room. The newer carpet in this area had poor installation, causing it to pull up around the door and baseboard heater.

Removing the carpet revealed the same flooring as in the living room, but with a lighter application of glue, making the removal process smoother. The flooring makeover has prompted us to search for the perfect bedroom paint colors, taking advantage of this opportunity. We knew we wanted a shade of green and after a few tries settled on Baize Green SW6429 by Sherwin Williams.

Once we had decided on the color we started to prep the room. We patched the nail holes, removed the shelves, and removed the wallpaper that had pulled away from the corners. We’ve learned that dealing with raised and rippled wallpaper corners is easier by cutting out the affected section. Then you can patch it with spackling, rather than attempting to remove the entire wallpaper. We installed the new flooring after painting the walls. Since this room isn’t large, the flooring installed pretty easily. We did have to replace a few pieces of baseboard though.

We put the furniture in the room and even added a dresser for our guests. Since the weather was already starting to warm up, we even decided to put the window unit in the room. While the room still isn’t fully decorated, We are still very pleased with the results. The warm tones in the walls complement the colors in the flooring, creating a perfect harmony. They also will look great with the beautiful blue paint we chose for the main area in the basement.

After the guestroom, we moved on to the coat closet and the bar. We had already given those rooms a makeover, so I just needed to take off the baseboards and lay the flooring. The warm tones int he floor paired perfectly with the greens in the coat closet and the brown and gold in the bar.

We are thrilled with the transformations we’ve achieved so far on our Basement Makeover Journey. Stay tuned for more updates as we tackle the remaining areas and bring our vision to life.


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