Colorful Kitchen and Dining Room Transformation

With the holiday season fast approaching, our home is gearing up for a warm and festive atmosphere, complete with gatherings of friends and family and delicious feasts. To create an inviting and visually pleasing space, we decided it was time to infuse some color into our kitchen and dining room. In a previous blog post, we shared our journey of refinishing the dining room table. In addition to that, we had already painted the lower half of the walls with Urban Bronze, a stunning warm brownish-grey shade. While this color was beautiful, we wanted to bring more light into the space, setting the perfect stage for holiday cheer.

Before turning our attention to the walls, we embarked on a mission to transform our kitchen island. Our goal was to find a bold and captivating color that would complement our wooden cabinets. After a visit to Sherwin Williams, we settled on Relentless Olive (SW 6425), an earthy green with alluring yellow undertones. This choice harmonized beautifully with the existing cabinetry.

To ensure a smooth and durable finish for the island, we opted for Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel. This remarkable paint not only self-levels for a flawless finish but also stands up to the wear and tear of a bustling kitchen. While our stone island top was securely attached with silicone, we didn’t want to risk any issues, so we used Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer for added assurance.

Since we hadn’t yet chosen new hardware for the kitchen cabinets, we decided to retain the existing stainless steel hardware on the island and gave them a fresh facelift. Additionally, we replaced the casters, making sure they had locks for added functionality. The result was a transformation that exceeded our expectations.

Our quest for the perfect color continued into the kitchen. While we typically lean towards greens, Chuck found himself captivated by shades of blue for this project. We explored various blue shades before settling on Swimming (SW 6764) by Sherwin Williams. This bold and bright blue, with subtle green undertones, created a captivating color palette that transitioned from blue during the day to a soothing green at night.

The kitchen presented a unique challenge due to its extensive cabinetry, leaving limited wall space to work with. However, the breakfast nook featured charming paneling that was previously painted a lackluster flat white. A touch of ultra white paint with a semi-gloss finish breathed new life into this space, making it more vibrant and inviting.

Given the open layout of our home, the sightline from the kitchen extends right into the dining room. Consequently, it made perfect sense to continue the same color scheme into the dining room. The dining room featured a wall with a plate rail and additional walls with chair rail molding, all of which were in need of a fresh coat of semi-gloss white paint. When it all came together, the visual flow was nothing short of perfection, with the interplay of natural light creating a harmonious synergy, making the rooms feel like complementary tones rather than a monotonous sea of sameness. The result is an inviting and enchanting space ready to embrace the holiday spirit.


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