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Exploring Modern Retro Transformation in Home Design

In our recent Modern Retro Transformation project, we embarked on a journey by removing vinyl plank flooring that covered our original hardwood floors. As we revealed the floors, their beauty shone through, though they needed a makeover. Sanding and staining darkened the originally charming maple wood, resulting in an uneven texture and inconsistent color. Refinishing is on the horizon, a task for another day to restore their true elegance. Our focus shifted to enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space by reinstalling baseboards and quarter round molding.

The decision to paint our main living room became a pivotal moment in this makeover process. Since the furniture was already out of the room, it was a perfect time to repaint the room. It gave us a chance to add some modern retro charm to our space. The new paint color also complemented the warm tones of the hardwood floors, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room.

We chose Swimming SW 6467 by Sherwin Williams creating a sense of continuity and harmony throughout our home. What made this color choice even more significant was its seamless integration with our kitchen and dining area. Choosing the perfect shade of blue was no easy task, as we tested six different colors first. This harmonious blend not only ties the living room with our kitchen and dining area but also adds depth and character to the space.

We relocated many plants from our soon-to-be-remodeled three-season room to the living room. Since heating the room was costly, we relocated them indoors. Despite the abundance, they complement the beautiful blue color wonderfully.

The outcome? A Modern Retro Transformation, blending stylish decor, inviting furniture, and a color palette that elevates the entire room. Our home now exudes a cohesive and inviting atmosphere, showcasing the beauty of thoughtful design choices and a nod to the past while embracing modern sensibilities.

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