Welcome to Our Suburban Dream!

Welcome to Our Suburban Dream!

Greg and Chuck Wedding

Hello and thank you for stopping by Our Suburban Dream: Tales of Moving and Renovating in a New Neighborhood. We are Greg and Chuck, and we just bought our dream home in Upstate New York. We met in 2015 after both going through a divorce. I owned a home in a small rural town that we shared for 6 years until we finally decided to sell it and move on.

When I bought it, the house was less than a year old. The prior owner hadn’t lived in it for very long, so it was a blank canvas and the lot was heavily wooded. When we sold the house, we had set up the backyard to look like a park, complete with a pond and a pergola. We tackled many projects and learned how to handle a variety of different tasks, including installing hardwood flooring, painting the cabinets. We also finished the basement to create more living space, and building a bar complete with a blue stone top.

Our Rural Dream House
Our rural house we sold.

With the housing market being so inflated and interest rates high, we weren’t sure about selling. But after talking with our good friend Craig LeClaire, we decided to go for it. We looked at several houses, but it was difficult to find one that fit our needs. A house came up with an open house scheduled in the neighborhood that we had always wanted to live in. It was a split level, which wasn’t a style we usually liked, but we decided to take a chance. From the moment we walked up the stairs, we knew this was the one. We walked around and could see where all of our furniture would go and everything. So, we bought it. I have never lived in an older home, or one this size, so this is going to be an adventure!

Our Suburban Dream house
Our new suburban dream home!

As we embark on this new chapter in our lives, we’re excited to share our journey with you. From tackling new home improvement projects to exploring the charm of our new neighborhood, we hope to inspire and connect with others on their own renovation adventures. Stay tuned for more updates and stories from Our Suburban Dream!


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