Holidays at Home: A Collection of Unique Christmas Trees and Decor Treasures

The holiday season holds a special place in the hearts of many families, and ours is certainly no exception. Many of our best memories have happened around this time of year. We embarked on a memorable trip to Mexico to celebrate Chuck’s 50th birthday just before Christmas, and our honeymoon was a magical affair at Dollywood during the festive season. Recently, we’ve been crafting our own unique traditions, and one of our favorites involves the joy of collecting ornaments that hold special meaning for us.

Our tree, proudly displayed in the living room, becomes a canvas of cherished memories adorned with ornaments that tell our story. From the shimmering star on top to the whimsical train circling the tree, each piece invites our friends and family to share in the magic of the season with us.

We each of course had some ornaments when we met but when we first visited his family in Texas we picked up a steer skull and a cute armadillo with a Santa hat. When we got engaged, Chuck bought me an ornament of a ring with the year and when we went on our honeymoon to the Blue Mountains of Tennessee, we got a couple at Dollywood and one at the Biltmore Estate. We also have stockings and ornaments for each of our animals, current and past that were part of our family.

During Chuck’s downtime while awaiting knee surgery a few years back, he found solace in hunting for Christmas clearance deals. As a result, we now have nearly a dozen storage bins brimming with holiday decorations. It seemed like a daily ritual to receive a new package, each unveiling another Christmas tree. Chuck’s goal? To collect one in every color possible. While I may have teased him about it then, the joy we find in decorating trees of various themes has become a delightful part of our holiday traditions.

While we haven’t gone all out with exterior decorations this year as we’re still acclimating to our new home, the inside is a festive haven. Wishing you all a joyous and Merry Christmas, along with a Happy New Year filled with warmth and love!


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